Friday, February 5, 2010


Baxter was hanging out (playing apparently) in the Murch School Playground this morning and then returned to his fosters' front yard at around 11, but bolted before the gate could be shut. Close call! Then a few minutes later he was spotted on Chevy Chase Parkway between Reno and Connecticut.

Update - seems like he's heading up Connecticut a bit - he was spotted a little later turning onto Ingomar.

Another update - after venturing a little further up Connecticut and over to 39th St. Baxter is right back at the Murch School at 36th and Davenport again as of 2 PM. Maybe he'll tire himself out from all this running!

We have some folks out flyering in the snow if anybody wants to join!

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  1. Have you found him?! Sure hope he's ok...I posted this to my facebook...